Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Xanthan Gum, Day II and Maximum Strength

If you read my previous post on Xanthan Gum shakes, you can see how I was a bit hesitant to try this shake thickener again. Well, I went for it again, and voilĂ , found the right mix.

What's the Right Mix of Xanthan Gum?
So it seems like the right mix of Xanthan Gum is 1/8 of a teaspoon. Again, my ingredients were:
This actually made the shake nice and thick and didn't take half an hour to descend down my throat. Give it a shot.

Maximum Strength, Upper Body
Today's Upper Body day was successful, and again, made some slight improvements over last week's workout. Namely, in the 10-minute post-workout steady-state cardio. I chose the treadmill, set it at 4.0 mph and a 1.5 degree incline and felt like I could've run for an entire hour. Ten minutes was all I was required, and could do, based on time limitations. Another successful day.

Quick Tip
Ever use the cable rowing machine and your current weight is too light, yet going up another stack (usually 15 lbs on a lot cable machines) is just too much to finish all your reps? Put a small plate (5-10 lbs) in front of the stack held up by the pin.

Not too little and not too much,
but just right

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