Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Some Quick Pics and Tips

Today marks the end of the first week of phase I of Maximum Strength and my legs are toast! I'll get right down to it and just talk about a few quick points:
  • Chris Shugart over at T-Nation has a new article called 7 Keys to Body Transformation. I've always been a fan of many of T-Nation's writers, but never really Chris Shugart. I always thought that his "psychological" angle to weight training and body transformation always came across annoying, like a mosquito flying around your ear. But the more I read his articles, the more they make sense and impact my way of thinking about training. You can't succeed, in any part of life, if you don't bust your ass. It's as simple as that. Now go read his article.
  • Doing Bulgarian Squats alone hurt like hell. Doing Bulgarian Squats after Front Squats and Rack Pulls will completely destroy your legs! Now go do them, like so:

  • Speaking of Front Squats, if you have a hard time using the clean grip because of tight wrists, you can switch to a crossover grip (arms crossed, pinning down barbell across shoulders). Another grip you can use (I think I read this from Mike Boyle) is to tightly wrap a pair of wrist straps around the bar, place the bar across your front shoulders and hold the bar in place.

A couple of quick pics:

Kate doing some Bulgarian Squats

Me attempting to do the same

One of my many meals today. I carried this
tennis ball around all day, just trying to 
work the knots out of my legs and back

Other than being an ultra hunger-inducing workout, the Maximum Strength plan will make you sleep like a baby. Speaking of which, it's almost 8 p.m. and I'm getting ready to call it a day.

Saw this at Alwyn Cosgrove's blog. Take 10 minutes and get inspired:

Enjoy the weekend.

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