Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3

Just some quick updates from day 3 (Lower Body, originally day 1) of Maximum Strength...
  • Having two people on only one rack doing box squats takes a reeeeeally long time. Our workout ended up being almost 1.5 hours and we didn't even get to do our energy work
  • Kate kept asking if I messed up in writing down only 50% 1RM weight for speed deadlifts. She took that comment back by the eighth set
  • Walking lunges after box squats and speed deadlifts hurt, real bad
Here's a couple of quick pics:

Kate doing some box squats

Me towards the end of a speed deadlift set.

My company sits in a two-story building. A second story means that you climb and descend stairs to travel from one floor to the other. A lower body workout before work means cursing all the way up and down the stairs and wondering why it feels as if you're walking all the way to the top of The Statue of Liberty. Everything hurts...

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