Saturday, February 7, 2009

End of Super Heavy Week....Ho-ly-s***!

Kate and I finished the third week of Maximum Strength, "Ultra-Heavy, Make Your Ass and Everything Else Hurt" week. The volume was high, the reps were high, the weight were high, and certainly the soreness was way high. Let's discuss while I lay on the stretcher.

Very Heavy Week
Monday through Saturday brought on an onslaught of pain and soreness by way of heavy dumbbells after heavy barbells. 

Monday's lower body workout was extremely long and we didn't even have time to do the post-workout energy work. The entire day was an ordeal just going up and down the stairs throughout the day at work. No pain, no gain, right?

Tuesday was my off day. I could simply not eat enough on my off day. My legs weren't just shaking every time I tried to put pants on, but now the soreness was incredible.

Wednesday was upper body. As hard as this day was, it was nowhere near as rough as Monday's workout. Still, it was no easy task going through this grueling workout.

Thursday was time for our technique practice plus energy work post-workout. Easy to read on paper, much harder when it comes time to do it.

Friday was our dynamic lower body day. I thought Monday was rough, but Thursday was an even more painful experience. Primarily because of the Front Squat exercise, my eternal enemy. Besides that, the higher reps on every exercise plus the bulgarian squats absolutely destroyed my legs.

Saturday's dynamic upper body was it for me. If it weren't for Kate's encouragement, I don't know if I could've finished the workout. Out of a total six exercises, I was done by only the second exercise. Thank God for inventing traning partners.

Time for Rest
The fourth week will be a low week, meaning lower volume, thus less stress on the body. I'm glad, cause I don't think I could carry on like this week after week, even if the body would adapt slightly over a few weeks. 

Progress: two steps forward, one step back.

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