Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Biggest Loser. Top Notch Nutritional Recommendations

My wife loves watching the Biggest Loser, and being the committed couple that we are, we try to watch shows the other person enjoys. I do NOT enjoy the Biggest Loser, but try to bear through it. I tear my hair out every time it's on t.v. The more pounds lost, the less hair on my noggin'. 

I love the parts when one of the trainers takes a team into the kitchen to teach them "proper nutritional guidelines". Most of the time they're instructed to eat some major brand's cereal, crackers, snacks, or anything else choc full o' carbs. Not to demonize carbs, but if you have 200+ lbs to lose, you need a little more than just carbs day, noon and night. I hope these trainers pull the contestants to the side and tell them "Don't eat this crap! You just keep eating your healthy dose of protein, veggies and fruit. And by the way, here's a copy of Precision Nutrition. Live by it!"

I think a major reason for this obesity problem in America is a lack of proper dietary education, starting from a young age. I know I didn't have this when I was young, have had to learn it on my own (by finding the right resources), and have a lot to learn, still. So to show a poorly educated person that proper nutrition to lose hundreds of pounds is to ingest some simple carbs, seems like quite a disservice. 

It seems the show has good intentions, but advertising dollars trump all else. I don't think the Spinach Council of America can match the advertising budget of General Mills, so you probably won't see the trainers promote Popeye Brand Spinach. But maybe we can change that if we keep educating each other. 

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